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 Trunks Quest: Red ribbon army assination party

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PostSubject: Trunks Quest: Red ribbon army assination party   Wed Nov 26, 2008 10:38 am

Trunks flies to the red ribbon army Main base and moves his hands at very rapid motions then puts them together and fires it and its his signature move BURNING ATTACK. It blows up a tower then bullets start to fire at him and he thumbs one back at one of the shooters he thens flies to the group and Clothesline them he then walks down the steps and gets on computer and looks up Opreation:ice age they plan to work with the changelings to find the dragon balls and destroy all the saiyans he then flies in the air then moves his hands at Fast motions and then my hair starts to glow but it then turns back to blue then the burning attack grows in size and i fire destroying the entire Baase
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Trunks Quest: Red ribbon army assination party
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