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 Trunks Training 3

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Kid Trunks
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PostSubject: Trunks Training 3   Sat Nov 15, 2008 10:02 pm

Trunks fles around Earth when he sees kami then he lands to say hi when suddenly we hear a explosion then its a man in a tank hey its our lucky day its the guy who beat up our teammates lets get em they have jetpacks then they start to fly up the tower then Trunks flies at them then he headbutts the coset one then takes his jetpack then slices it in half thn throws it at him then it explodes then another Bandit Kicks me then i fly back then i shoot a ki blast at him but miss then i fly them kick him in the forehead then he flies down toward the ground when suddenly he catches him self then he throws a grenade at Trunks then he catches it then it explodes then Trunks falls out the sky then he lands on the ground unconsious then the leader gets out the tank then says fool we are The Bandits of Saban we can do anything then Trunks draws his sword and trips the man then pick him up then throws him up to the top of the tower then flies toward him then punches him in the back then he grabs him and flies toward Earth then i land on his torso crushing his entire body then others with Laser guns appear behind Trunks then say dont make another move or we will kill the old namekian Trunks then puts his hands up then the men grab him then they let go off kami then he starts to fly up then he shoots his rifle then Trunks fires a ki blast at the laser making a small explosion then trunks flies then punches the guy in the face then suddeny the tan fires a rocket at trunks then trunks flies upward and the rocket hits the army of bandits then trunks flies toward the tank then kick the launcher part of the tank off then he picks it up then smashes it into the ground then he flies up to see if kami is alright then suddenly a bunch of hrlicopetrs show up then Trunks flies upward then cutd th propellers off them making them fall to the ground then trunks flies home in west City
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PostSubject: Re: Trunks Training 3   Sat Nov 15, 2008 10:11 pm

4 x
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Trunks Training 3
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