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 Warrior from the ancient past... Another super saiyan!

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PostSubject: Warrior from the ancient past... Another super saiyan!   Thu Nov 20, 2008 6:27 pm

Goku and Vegeta sat around in the recreation room at Vegeta's palace starring at the potara fusion earrings they had one in the slaughter zone! They wondered, " What if we were always one warrior?" Vegeta and Goku were both very stubborn men, as they agreed to never make the fusion permanent unless it was truely needed... Suddenly a low-class warrior broke the silence, " Umm... I'm sorry to disturb you my prince, but a strange warrior wishes to speak to you, and your friend..." Vegeta, and Goku rose to their feet and followed the saiyan outside, as they arrived to where the warrior was Goku got a strange feeling... " Hey Vegeta?" Goku said silently, " I've got a bad feeling about this guy!" Vegeta just ignored Goku and his immaturity as they arrived, face to face with a dark and mysterious saiyan warrior, " Ahh prince Vegeta, and the legendary warrior Goku... I have meant to speak to you for awhile!" Goku barged out very rudely, " Hey! How do you know who I am?!?" The warrior just gave him the evil eye, and turned his attention back to the prince, " I understand that you, and this low-class defeated the legendary super saiyan?" Vegeta and Goku nodded with alot of confidence... Goku puffed out his chest, " You bet we did!" The saiyan turned back to Goku, " Why do you show such pride? The legend was nothing but a joke!" Goku and Vegeta looked shocked as they turned quickly and starred with serious looks on their face, " Are you nuts1 You wouldn't have lasted 10 seconds with Broly!" The warrior just smirked again, " You two are such disappointments... I thought that you'd atleast surpassed that amateur!" Goku went in to slap the warrior with a power-packed backhand, in a second Goku had his face in the dirt, " You have so much to learn!" Goku was getting very frustrated, " You think your so great! I could take you anyday!!!" The warrior began to laugh, " Ha ha ha think what you wish! Listen if you truely want to see how good you are... I challenge you to a fight in the demonic craters in exactly 1 hour!" Goku just smiled at him as e flew off, " Wait a minute, I don't think we caught your name!" The saiyan turned back, " My name is Karshi, my name will soon become familiar to you!" As the saiyan vanished into the mountains Vegeta turned to Goku, " Karshi... Wait I know that name! Goku you shouldn't have challenged him, he is a legend in our past history... If it's the same saiyan that was said to live forever you are in for a serious hurt! Rumour is that he possesses some wierd powers like no other warrior has possessed for over 1000 years!" Goku just confidently turned to Vegeta, " Hey! Don't worry about it... I'll take this guy out in 1 hit!" Goku shot off with great excitement as he didn't want to be late for the fight!

As Goku arrived on the battlefield Karshi remained still in anticipation... " Ahh it's the cocky saiyan that thinks he's all that!" Goku just dropped down with a determined look on his face, " Is it true that your from the ancient past of the planet?" Karshi looked at Goku intencely, " Yes I'm glad that you recognize me! Now lets get this fight started!" As the battle started up Goku and Karshi were matching eachother blow for blow... Suddenly Karshi shouted out, " Lets kick it up a notch!" In just a second Karshi was moving twice as fast as he was before! Goku was having trouble just keeping up with him, and that was when he unleashed a punch that created a sonic boom behind it, and sent Goku bursting to the planets core! Goku built up his ower before Karshi could get down to him... " Alright legendary warrior lets see how you like it when I'm serious!" Goku's powers began to surge and his hair sparked into a golden aura, Karshi arrived on the scene to witness Goku's transformation... " So it's true the cycle of the super saiyan has begun once again! Well Goku I must say I'm impressed... I didn't think there would be any super saiyans in this day and age!" Goku was curious at what Karshi meant, " What do you mean no super saiyans in this day and age? Do you know something I don't know?" Karshi simply smiled as Goku charged in at max strength, " Hmm so foolish!" As Goku inched closer to Karshi he watched as his energy built, " What's happening?!?" The planet began to shake as Karshi's powers edged pass Goku's! " Behold! I'm the greatest warrior to ever live!" As Goku stood before Karshi it was like looking into a mirror, " You-your a a a a super saiyan!" Karshi simply smiled and moved to quick for Goku to see... " Oh I'm much more than that!" As the battle raged on Goku noticed something strange about Karshi, as the battle went on his power level increased! It was as if he wasn't even taking it seriously! Goku's frustration reached it's breaking point as he fired a barrage of kamehameha's! Karshi looked at the blasts and crushed them with his hands! Things were looking bleak for Goku until Karshi slipped up and was booted in the face, " Well done young warrior.... It seems your worthy of witnessing a small bit more of my true power!" Goku waited in anticipation as Karsi powered up even further... In an instant his aura bega to glow a violent yellow, and his hair spiked further... As his power reached a new plateau his energy became violent and sparked like a lightning storm! He was over 100 times stronger than Goku now, " I call this one the acended saiyan... But we'll call it super saiyan 2!"

Goku was intrigued by this new transformation, " Was this caused by a mystical force?" Karshi simply answered, " No! I worked hard to reach my power!" Goku felt like he had offended the wise Karshi, as he nodded in respect he was ready to test the super saiyan 2 transformation! As the battle picked back up Goku went to make a move, but before he could even react Karshi was right behind him once again, " Hmm hmm hmm wat's wrong am I too fast for you!" Goku just simply nodded and tried to track down Karshi's energy signal... Suddenly he was hit as if by a frieght train with a barrage of kicks that left Goku breatheless! As Goku gasped to regain his breathe Karshi helped him to his feet... " Young warrior I'm rather impressed with your skill! You are much stronger than I was at your age... I feel I must go!" Goku pleaded him too stop, " Wait! Two questions... Do you have anymore transformations? Also how old are you?!?" Karshi felt it was his duty to enlighten Goku, " I have 1 more transformation that I could've made in our fght but it's risky as it drains my life force! As for the age question I'm roughly 1200 years old... I have lost track after all the time travel!" Goku was astonished, " 1200? How do you live so long!?!" Karshi answered in a sophisticated and proud tone... " For all my good deeds I had done throughout my natural life I was granted immortality by the mighty Shenron! The only way for me to die is to lose a fight... that is why I travel through time... To search for a worthy opponent! I sence that down the road you may be the one to finally win!: With that said Karshi left the battle ground leaving Goku speechless... Clearly he wasn't the strongest fighter to have ever lived! Goku returned to the palace and told Vegeta of the mighty power Karshi possessed, it was almost unbelievable, but Vegeta new the legend well, and for that reason he knew it must have been true!

Finished Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Warrior from the ancient past... Another super saiyan!   Fri Nov 21, 2008 8:59 am

2500 to each
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Warrior from the ancient past... Another super saiyan!
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