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 Gohan Training - 10

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PostSubject: Gohan Training - 10   Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:38 pm

Gohan had heard news that there was a room in the back of Kami's house called the Pendulum Room. Gohan thought that this could be a good opertunity to train harder. What he did not know was that there was a war going on in the time that the medative state put you into.

Gohan flew to Kami's lookout and met Kami himself,"Hey there Kami! I was wondering if I could go into the pendulum room, is that okay?" asked Gohan. Kami nodded then replied,"You may, but you must be prepared for some extreme things in the medative state it puts you into, however your physical body will not be harmed mentally you may feel injured, hurt or even dead in the state the room puts you into,". Gohan thought for a moment then he said,"I'll still go on with this, it should be good training,".

Gohan waited around for a long time, preparing and just thinking over what he was doing again. He had a meal and something to drink. He just ate some fish and chips from the local take-away. He trained a small bit with himself then decided to go and tell Kami he was ready.

Finding Kami was no hard task for Gohan, he found him sitting in a room inside his house Gohan simply said to him,"I'm ready, Kami,". Kami took him into the pendulum room and put him in the center of the room. Kami walked out with no words and closed the door. Before Gohan was a large swinging pendulum, he watched it for a while and slowly he bega drifting into a state of unconciousness.

When he woke he seemed to be in some sort of wierd place with red ground that was all cracked from drought it seemed. As Gohan looked on he saw a young looking man running towards him.
Gohan watched as the man walked up to him. Gohan waved and then said to the man,"Hello there sir,".
The man glared at Gohan then shouted,"Why are you not at your post, soldier?!!".
Gohan lookedabit puzzled then he said with some unsurity,"Uuh.. I needed to use the toilet,".
The man smirked then nodded,"Okay soldier, now get back to your post!". The man pointed towards a bunker looking building.
Gohan walked over and muttered as he went off,"What a wanker,". As Gohan approaches the bunker he saw an other soldier waving.
The soldier greeted Gohan,"Hey there, I'm Marcus, are you stationed here?".
Gohan nodded then replied to Marcus,"Yea, apparently so, I'm Gohan by the way,".
Marcus let Gohan into the bunker and then said,"This is where you'll be then, not big but there are beds, a sink and food is delivered daily,".
Gohan nodded and looked around,"This has potential.." said Gohan with a smile.

Gohan sat on te bottom bunk and read a book. It was a love story, Gohan thought it was meant to cheer up soldiers who were away from their loved ones and perhaps even just to fill the time and have something to take their mind off the fighting. Gohan just sat on the bunk reading for a good few hours. By this time he was bored shitless and he sat up and said to Marcus,"When do we err... start fighting?".
Marcus looked over to Gohan and then answered,"Anytime you like, just go and find some of the enemy soldiers,".
"Oh?! That's great!" exclamed Gohan jumping up out of the bed and going towards the door. Gohan said as he walked out,"I'll be back later, seeya!".

Gohan walked across the barren wasteland that was the battlefield, once again he saw the man who was apparently the commander or some sort of authority coming towards him, he got his excuse ready for the coming events.
Gohan looked at himself as he slowly approaches the officer. He notices he was in brown military style clothing and he looked absolutely stupid. The officer started glaring at him from twenty yards and then shouted,"Why are you not at your post, soldier?!".
Gohan looked up and answered,"I am going to kill some enemy soldiers, sir,".
The officer eyed Gohan up and down and then he said,"Mmm.. fine then, carry on, soldier,".

Gohan was pretty relived that he got away with that. He jumped off the ground into mid flight and flew north at a pretty slow speed, trying to hide himself where possible. After flying over about a mile of barren, explosion ridden land he finally saw a small bunker much like the one he was based in. He landed on the ground and walked up to the door, slowly he opened the door and walked in. Immediatly the guards turned around and pointed guns at him. One larger guard shouted at Gohan,"Who the hell are you and what do you want, from the other side, eh?!".
Gohan looked down apon the three men with a look of pity then replied,"Hmm the other side.. yes you could say that and I am here to kill you all,".
The three men looked stunned then started to fire at Gohan. Almost instantly Gohan moved out of the way extremely quickly and appeared behind one of the smaller guards. Gohan thrust his arm into his upper back and managed to put his hand right through the mans chest. He kicked the soldier in the back letting him drop to the ground, dead. Gohan wiped the blood off his glove and looked at the other two, however there was only one left, the tall one, the smaller one had obviously ran.

The larger man shot at Gohan and hit him in the shoulder. The bullet went right through and Gohan preteneded not to notice, hoping to scare the man. Inside Gohan was in much pain but he just said rather calmly to the man,"I'm going to ENJOY watching you DIE,".
The man was stunned instantly, he dropped his gun then backed off from Gohan and than he muttered,"Wha.. what... are.. you?!".
Gohan smirked at him and then replied,"I'm your end, hahahahaha!".
The man fell back over a bed and started screaming,"AAAH! PLEASE NO DON'T KILL MEEEE!!!".
Gohan grinned and then said,"I don't know, I need to kill you now that you shot me,". Gohan grabbed the man by the throat with one hand and smacked him in the face with the other sending him flying into the wall of the bunker. He walked over to him lying on the ground and then he stomped on his stomach. The man lying on the ground let out noises of pain although unable to speak. Gohan picked him up again by the neck and elbowed him in the side of the chest. The man hit the ground instantly and stopped moving. Gohan walked out of the bunker grinning with a slight laugh, although he stopped early into his laugh because his shoulder hurt so badly.

He began to fly back to his own bunker, holding his shoulder in some pain...
Gohan flew over the battlefield holding his shoulder. He saw all the craters from bombs dropped, corpses on both sides from many battles. Then he thought to himself, "Why don't they just get more like me? I took out two with ease..".

He got nearer to his bunker. Once he saw it he started to fly down towards it. Gohan landed next to the bunker and walked in. He found Marcus there with his arms in there and when he looked across... BAM!

Gohan was knocked out from behind, an enemy soldier had sneaked in and was taking out soldiers. Gohan lay on the ground uncontious for some time. When he finally did wake he had a knife stuck in his arm and he saw Marcus, lying on the ground, in a pool of blood. Gohan ripped the knife out of his arm and walked over to Marcus, he looked down on him and sighed. Gohan walked over to the sink and washed his wounds. A few hours later his officer walked in, he was amazed. The officer shouted at Gohan,"What happened here soldier?!".
Gohan looked over at the officer and then replied,"Oh, we were attacked by an assassin, he knocked me out and killed Marcus,".
"Mmm... well, how did you enemy hunting go?", the officer asked this as a small medic team rushed in and put Marucs on a stretcher before carrying him out.
Gohan looked over again and replied,"Oh yea, it went good, I killed two with ease and got one to run away, only took a gun shot to the shoulder, but it went right through,".

The officer just walked out after that, content that even though one of their soldiers was killed, two of the other side were killed. An eye for An eye and an ear(Or a nose in Krillin's case) Gohan thought. He got all cleaned up and mostly healed. He bandaged his shoulder and arm. He barely felt them now, they were numb rather than painfull. He walked outside the bunker again and looked around, not much happening so he waited around for further instructions.
As Gohan waited, he thought about the whole war in this time he was in. Then he wondered why he really cared because it wasn't his race or his planet. Then again he decided it was just for the training.

He saw a red faced officer running towards him. From a fair distance the officer shouted,"Get your gun and armour sharpish soldier! Then get onto the battlefield!".
Gohan peered up out of his moment of thought and then replied,"Yes, sir!". Gohan ran inside and put some sort of rifle and he put body armour on. The body armour was dark green and it was kevlar. He looked at the rifle, it was also dark green and it had a bayonet fixed on the end of it. Finally Gohan put on his helmet, again it was dark green and had a skull on the front. It covered all of Gohan's face with a vizer it had on the front.

Gohan made his way out to the front line. He just run rather than flying. He figured carrying the extra weight would train him abit more. He finally got to the battle field. He saw the enemy were eight foot giants in some sort of power-armour. Gohan was slightly scared for a moment... then he thought to himself,"Mmmm, I should be able to take out a few of these...".

Gohan fired a few shots at one of the enemy soldiers. It just bounces off the armour and hit some men on his own side. Gohan dropped the gun and sped up to one of the armoured giants, he fired a power punch right for his stomach. Gohan was moving so fast right past him the punch punctured the armour and the armoured giant collapsed to the ground in a pool of his own blood. Gohan turned his attention too another two beside him. They had large swords out and were about to try and kill Gohan. So he rushed at one, he smashed him in the side of the head and then leaped behind him and kicked him in the back. The giant fell to the ground and couldn't seem to get back up. Gohan then looked at the last one. He didn't look afraid, just confident and happy to die on the battlefield. Gohan then walked over to him and thrust his left hand into his stomach, it went right through, then he punched with his right at his chest, it also went right through. There was blood pouring out of the wounds madly. Gohan kept punching holes in the man and laughing as he did so. The giant took out his sword and brought it down on Gohan. Too busy being a maniac Gohan took the blow to the shoulder and fell down on the ground in pain. The giant also collasped and bled very heavily.

Gohan woke up, he was in Kami's pendulum room. The pendulum has stopped and Kami was there. Kami spoke to Gohan,"Did you enjoy yourself?".
Gohan grinned and then replied,"Oh yes.. I did,". Gohan got up and walked out of the room. Once he got to the courtyard on the lookout and sprinted off the edge of the lookout into mid flight. Gohan flew home and went to bed as he was absolutly shattered.
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PostSubject: Re: Gohan Training - 10   Mon Nov 17, 2008 6:17 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Gohan Training - 10   Tue Nov 18, 2008 1:30 am

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Gohan Training - 10
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