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 Gohan Training 9

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PostSubject: Gohan Training 9   Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:25 pm

The sky churned around him as he sat against the side of the cliff, high in the sky and above the normal ranges one would go. Gohan had his arms folded over his chest, his hood laid back against his back as he sat on the bottom part of his cape. His eyes where closed as he meditated, feeling every beat of life in the air around him, the cold chills against his spine like a needle to his very skin. The wind echoed through his ears like a tornado ripped around him.

Then it all stopped, his eyes flashing open as he stared into the horizon, his hair slowly whipping in the wind. Life was not the same anymore, it never will be… Gohan was the son of Goku, a Sayian. Thus Gohan was Half-Sayian, though his barley ever gave it thought. He had broken away from any ties his family would give him, leaving him a bare child. His Father was never around when he was younger, and a deep consideration of who he really was sunk in. He could barley look at his mother without thinking about the difference between them.

Pity shook Gohan, pity for his mother, and himself, as he left the house at eleven, never to return. He now ventured across the Earth, training when he could, and fighting to survive without bringing attention to himself. Finally he was at ease, but not for long, as he stared off into the horizon, he saw a figure quickly approaching. The figure soared through the air quickly, no attempt to hide his presence as he landed twenty feet away from him.

The figure was alien to him, black skin and no hair, pointed ears that jagged back and a long cape that draped his body covering all of his skin under his neck. Gohan raised an eyebrow as the man nodded to him and beckoned him forward, while he sprinted forward as well.

Gohan did not move, causing the Alien to come all the way to him. He stood above Gohan, most likely thinking he had power of authority over the small kid, yet Gohan sensed his power was about as strong as a dinosaur.

“You are Gohan, The son of a Sayian are you not?” The alien did not wait for an answer, “I have a message for you from my superior.” Dropping the package that appeared from nowhere in Gohan’s lap, fear overtook his eyes as he turned around and leaped into the air, vanishing from sight a second later.

Gohan saw the bag of zeni at his feet, an early payment for something? Looking at the parchment he saw what was really going on. Spending a few minutes reading it, he put it down. Someone wanted him to kill Zecho; an annoying Namekian Gohan met but once. The kid was supposed to be training under Kami, but he barley did such a thing, instead he acted better then everyone, bossing people around. Gohan was not surprised he aroused someone who wanted him dead.

But should Gohan do this? Should be stoop to the level of contract killing. The reward though was needed, he needed zeni and this would get him the money. He though would have to make sure he was not noticed as Gohan, for that would unbalance this whole situation. Though Gohan was unsure, could he bring himself to do this? The kid was a nuisance, and treated him with an ugly tone the first time they met, but could he kill him just because he was told too.

Gohan finally came to the conclusion he wouldn’t do it, he couldn’t do it. Gohan kicked the paper over the cliff, and pocketed the coins, before leaping off the side of the cliff, and running down.

Gohan had been traveling for a day, when he came upon the Korrin’s tower. He was drawn here, even though he was not going to kill Zecho, he could still come here and see what was going on. Suddenly Gohan heard something from behind, a thump then a cool laugh.

It was Zecho, standing behind him with his arms crossed, a glossy grin on his face. The kid was not much taller then Gohan, and from this look, he was much tougher. His arms where very fine and picked out; his eyes had a look of power in them. Gohan instantly realized he was stronger, and then something hit him. Was he waiting for him? He was just sitting there when he dropped down.

Gohan was used to this behavior, many of the beings on Earth that knew who he was feared him, the lesser beings that was. Gohan was not all that strong, but he could easily take most Aliens effortlessly. Sighing Gohan reached down, picking the package up he ripped it open, a small parchment piece dropped onto the rocky surface in front of him, followed by what sounded like a bag of coins.

Gohan snarled at him, this was now obvious, he was set up. Gohan was so stupid; the kid had it in for him ever since he announced he was a Sayian. When they first met, Kami was the one to introduce them, and he instantly found hatred for Gohan. The freedom he had, and the power he could obtain made the Namekian kid

Zecho made a mocking scowl as he dropped into a defensive position, “The look in your eyes tells me that you came to kill me…”

Gohan wanted to slap his face; the kid was making things up because he thought Gohan was here to kill him. “You really are an idiot Zecho…” Gohan did not move a muscle, he wanted to fight, and this was all a set up so that the Namekian kid could prove his dominance over him. Gohan wasn’t too sure anymore, Zecho was much stronger then he was the first time they met. Gohan though did not show any doubt, he stood there with his serious face, his mocking eyes, and his monotone voice.

This took Zecho by surprise, a grin though appeared on his lips as he shot forward, slamming his knee straight into Gohan’s chest. Gohan doubled over as he slid back into a tree, sliding through it into another where he toppled over and landed on top of the tree. Gohan stood up, wiping blood from his mouth as he grinned at the Namekian who stood there with his knee still in the air.

“I will not let you kill me…” Zecho said which anyone could see was an out right set up, and forced. Gohan shook his head as he decided that he was going to have to fight this Namekian, but he could since about a Ten percent difference in strength. The question was, speed. Gohan suddenly vanished, his speed sending him flying forward across the trees like he was flying, and not even a fraction of a second passed before his fist entered the cheek of the Namekian.

Suddenly Gohan’s stomach wrenched, his fist cracked as he sent the Namekian flying only a few feet back, landing on all fours, he stood up instantly. Gohan’s hand dripped with blood as the Namekian barley had a spot where he hit him. What is this….

Gohan did not have time to ponder, not waiting for the Namekian to go on the offensive, he sent his right leg straight up, and his speed outmatched the Namekian’s easily, as his leg collided with his side, sending him tumbling to the side quick. Like before, Gohan got the worst of it, feeling the pain shoot up his leg like the force was reflected back at him. Gohan then sent another kick at the same spot, feeling the force that was reflected less as he felt the cold liquid flow over his baggy pants, seeping onto his leg. Gohan realized he caused a wound to the Namekian.

Gohan smirked, not halting in his onslaught as he sent his right elbow into the side, sinking it deep into his skin. And that was where he ended it, the Namekian was stunned, as he felt Gohan’s hand sink into his side. Suddenly Gohan lunged with all his might straight into his side, tearing from the inside out. The Namekian was ripped in half from inside, falling around him as Gohan savagely landed on the other side of the clearing, drenched in purple blood. The Sayian looked around, back at the dead Namekian in front of him, but a suddenly horror struck him. The power he felt before was still there, a little weakened though.

Suddenly a Namekian stepped out of the forest, Zecho. Gohan froze, as the man ran forward, sending his right punch into the Chest of Gohan. Then the kick into his had that slammed him into the ground, but by then Gohan had his mind set. It was a dummy, made form his own blood and enforced with KI. Gohan was not sure how it worked, but that is why the skin was so hard, he was only to wear Gohan out.

It did not work though, as Gohan hit the ground and grabbed the ground sending his legs flailing towards the legs, which were removed out from under him in an instant, as he fell straight to the ground with a clash. Gohan stood back up, as did the Namekian. This fight was about to end, who would be standing once the blood clears the sky, who knew…

Gohan turned his body just in time to feel the wind swiftly go by, the Namekian rolled across the field, missing his first kick by just inches as he turned towards Gohan again. Suddenly he sent two jabs at his chest, pushing from the ground as he aimed to ram Gohan in the chest. Gohan pushed off the ground at the last moment, everything went under him as he gracefully fell back to earth.

Gohan landed in the middle of the clearing, his arms in front of him. Gohan then pushed off the ground, his whole body becoming a bullet as he sent his knee straight into the Namekian’s chest. He felt the skin crunch as Gohan bashed his right elbow into the side of his head.

His foe tumbled to the ground, rolling onto his chest, a scream of pain echoing through his lungs as Gohan looked down with an outright disgusted look.

“You are pathetic, get up!” Gohan felt his anger rise. The Namekian slowly stood up, blood dripping out his chest and his mouth as he fell to his knees in front of him, and began to plead for forgiveness.

“It was just a joke, I Swe--” He did not finish his sentence, Gohan’s right leg slammed into his head, sending him flying to the side and into a tree. He crashed through the tree, landing on his back behind it, just as the Tree fell on top of his face. Gohan bit his lip, his whole body felt drained at that moment in time, his arms flailing at his sides as he legs turned to jelly. Slowly he turned around and walked out of the clearing, getting far enough into the forest to lie against a tree.

He rolled his head back, his eyes closing as he drifted off to sleep.

Finished Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Gohan Training 9   Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:27 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Gohan Training 9   Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:28 pm

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Gohan Training 9
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