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 Tournament Finals: Who will win?!?

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PostSubject: Tournament Finals: Who will win?!?   Sun Nov 16, 2008 7:45 pm

Goku and Vegeta starred at eachother from across the doorways... Each of them with a look of pure determination in their eyes! As the two of them entered the main part of the dome the announcer began to shout, " Well folks this is it! Who will be crowned the champion of the battle dome?" Goku and Vegeta got into fighting stances as the bell rang... Each of them came flying in with impressive looking techniques! Goku pmped up to his kaioken x2 and Vegeta pumped up to kaioken x3 to keep up... As the two warriors began launching their techniques they began to vanish all over the dome! Both of these young warriors had mastered the after-image technique beautifully as the crowd was always on the edge of their sets! Everytime their would be a huge gasp, and then the warrior would vanish into thin air! Goku definately had the advantage when it came to strength, but Vegeta had the definate advantage when it came to ki, and both of them were extremely quick and smart! As the battle raged on Goku had the advantage as Vegeta continued to launch physical attacks that Goku simply slapped away! As Goku got off a clear headbutt Vegeta went flying to the ground, where he unleashed a big bang attack... Goku narrowly avoided the blast as it exploded in a dazzling light show! Goku laughed to Vegeta." I see you've been practicing!" Vegeta simply smiled back and continued to launch ki attacks! As he thought he had scored a definite hit Goku appeared behind him and went for a big punch, Vegeta quickly reacted and teleported! The audience was in awe as the two continued switching between ki and strength attacks... Suddenly as Vegeta wound up for a punch Goku hit him and knocked off his hood... Vegeta looked a little upset, " Well I guess there isn't any point in hiding it anymore!" As the battle continued a voice yelled down from the stands, " Vegeta? My son! How dare you betray your princely duties!" Vegeta simply tuned out his father as he continued to dodge Goku's all out assault! The king than called to the announcer, " Hey peasant! Stop this match immediately!" Rather than disobeying the announcer obeyed his king, " Yes sir!" As the fight stopped Goku looked disappointed, " Hey sir! Can't you see that your son and I were just trying to get a little action!" The king took Goku's thought into account... " Hmm... I guess even the prince needs a good scrap here and there! Very well Vegeta give me your best effort and bring home a win!"

With his father's approval Vegeta was now free to use his regular attire, " Alright Goku lets do this for real!" Goku smiled back, " Right!" In a dazzling display of speed and power Vegeta and Goku matched eachother blow for blow! The crowd was going nuts, and King Vegeta looked on with some serious pride! His son had grown into a true warrior... Goku looked up to also find that his father was looking on from outside the dome! The two young warriors were fighting for their dads as they unleashed the finest techniques ever witnessed! Suddenly they both kicked it up a few notches at once as they both went to kaioken x 20!! Their powers were insane as the dome began to crumble under the pressure... In a blazing display they both charged up their siganature moves, " Galick Gun!" " Kamehameha!" The two attacks collided creating a rainbow of power, the attacks detonated causing an earthquake! Vegeta and Goku continued their assaults as they both got off a clean knee to the ribs! Goku sprung back and unleashed a kamehameha and vanished... As the attack headed for Vegeta he also vanished, and sonic booms began to ring out! Something strange was happening... The two of them were both using the power draining kaioken attacks but instead of losing power, they gained it... Bardock and the King recognized then power signals right away, and sure enough right in the middle of the battle, both Goku and Vegeta reached their limits and began to transform! Both of them were inshrouded in golden auras with off the chart power levels! The audience looked deeply at them as they chanted, " Super saiyans..." Goku and Vegeta's limits were pushed to insane levels as their power literally cracked a line that went right to the centre of the planet right through the dome! This time they stood and starred at eachother on opposite ends of the dome... Vegeta stood charging up his other new move, the final flash! At the same time Goku placed all of his energy into a super kamehameha! As the blasts were fired and collided the gale force winds they created blew the weaker audience members back out of their seats! This was a battle no one would ever forget... As the two warriors pushed eachother past what they could do, Goku utilized a new technique... By drawing energy from the sun he super charged his Kamehameha with solar energy which was the one thing that edged his attack closer to Vegeta! As the attack reached right near him Vegeta tossed it in the air with all his might! A black smoke flew out from within the dome, and as it cleared the two warriors layed unconcious! The announcer exclaimed, " My goodness... Ladies and gentlemen for the second time ever in the battledome, we have a tie for champion! You know what that means... Both of the champions will now have to take part in the slaughter zone against the one, the only... Legendary Super Saiyan! Broly!

As the two warriors awoke they were given a senzu bean, and quickly shoved to the slaughter zone... The announcer explained that they'd have to face off against the legendary super saiyan in a battle to the finish! They would be given 3 days to prepare, and if they won they would be granted the prize of the ultimate champion, the potara fusion earrings! Goku and Vegeta, took the 3 days to train their minds not their bodies... They meditated on their new found super saiyan abilities, and discovered the source of their power... To become a super saiyan you've got to try to surpass a difficult task! With this key found they decided to practice a few new techniques that they thought might come in handy! The greatest of these being the bigbang kamehameha... An attack that combines the 2 super powerful techniques that would be sure to obliterate Broly! According to the announcer and the King, in the slaughter zone the 2 champions must fuse together to reveal the true champion... They will only have half an hour to defeat the legendary super saiyan, which in itself is almost impossible! Apparently the only other double championship year that this happened was when Bardock and King Vegeta fought... Supposively 2 of the supreme kais came and tied in the finals... When they entered the slaughter zone they defeated the original Legend, and were granted the earrings! They have yet to use the earrings, and may give them up if they are defeated in a fight! It was kind of a brief description, but apparently these earrings will keep the fused champion together forever! The day of reckoning on hand, Goku and Vegeta made their way to the slaughter zone ready to defeat Broly ,once and for all!

Tpo be continued... ( Rate please!) Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Tournament Finals: Who will win?!?   Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:23 pm

600 to each
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Tournament Finals: Who will win?!?
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