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 Special Traits

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PostSubject: Special Traits   Fri Nov 14, 2008 7:42 pm

You have a obsession with making your techniques perfect, and you wont stop until they can't become any better.
Your Main technique is now 10 stronger.

You are a very loyal to your friends and family, and will stop at nothing to help them.
You can join a fight along side a friend without them asking or agreeing.

Street Fighter-
You have a natural talent to beat your enemy to a pulp with nothing more than street smarts and your fists, no one seems to know how you manage to beat a warrior bigger and stronger than you but this just may be the key.
The Damage of Punch Kicks Knees and Head butts are increased.

Ki Striker-
You lack some physical strength and have learned to keep a steady flow of Ki into your hands, after further inspection you realized you can use that Ki and combine it with a attack you wish to fire.
Reduces the cost for Ki Techniques.

Hot Head-
Your mad and everyone knows it, you don't care who is in your path your going to get the first shot and show them what your made of.
Allows the user in a battle to Attack or Defend first(Their Choice).

You where born strong and you plan to die strong. Your body gives you a powerful advantage in battle.
Increases your Strength in battle.

Die Hard-
You seem to be able to survive the most devastating attacks, attacks that no other man has survived. With this trait you can count on living strong.
Increases your Health in battle.

You are much faster than the average person, and knowing that you learned how to move and jump and twist your body in Graceful motions making you even faster than you where before.
Increases your Speed in battle.
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Special Traits
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