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 Gohan Training - 7

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PostSubject: Gohan Training - 7   Sat Nov 15, 2008 5:00 pm

Gohan awoke and jumped out of his bed...Using his Saiyan senses he sensed a couple of power levels, each quite high coming from the West, Gohan changed from his pyjamas to a Blue T-Shirt with a Orange Sleeveless Shirt on top and orange baggy pants...Much like his fathers clothes. Gohan went out of his room as he heard Goku snoring in his bed...
"Dad, are you awake" Gohan whispered.
*Snore, Snore*
"Ok then..." Gohan said.
Gohan wandered past Gokus half-opened bedroom door as he crept down the stairs he heard-
"Where do you think your going?!" Chi Chi shouted as she came running towards Gohan
"I just got a message from...ermm...Piccolo, he wants me to...Study with him" Gohan said while turning a bright pinkish red colour.
"Oh, studying eh? Well thats ok...But what does that Green friend of yours know about education" Asked Chi Chi curiously and Suspiciously.
"A lot mum...A lot" Gohan said as he opened the front door and walked out....


Gohan had finally reached the west part of the Earth and he followed the power level until he ended up at West City....There was about 4 power levels...Each being around his power level except one which seemed to by far surpass his own.
Gohan made his way to the lowest power level as it seemed these guys wanted to battle, on his way he noticed parts of the city were on fire and seriously damaged...He now knew the DEFIANTLY wanted a fight, a challenge! Gohan arrived at the scene of a Thing shooting Ki blasts at a building it turned to Gohan...Gohan recognized her, it was Ria the Evil Saiyan who was once defeated by Goku and arrested it seemed he was back along with others, Gohan prepared into a fighting stance as he said impatiently-
"What do you want?"
"What do we want? I will tell you what! We want this planet, it would serve as a good item to be put up for sale!" Ria replied as she sniggered.
"Well your not getting it!" Gohan shouted
"Who's stopping us...You? You can't even hurt a fly!" Ria explained.
"Oh yeah? Then what are you?" Gohan shouted as his hands started to glow a goldish colour and a Ki wave flew out of his hands...This wave was clashed with a couple of Ki blasts from Ria however the Ki wave just about managed to break the Ki blasts and hit Ria in the abdomen...Ria fell as she clenched her fists she dissappeared then seemed to reappear right behind Gohan and she did a barrage of combos on his back sending him into a near-by building. Gohan got out of the little rubble the impact created and jumped into the air, Ria followed just like Gohan hoped she would, Gohan did a two-Handed hammer punch which sent Ria flying into the ground as it started to crack slowly...Gohan just before landing sent about 10 Ki blasts right at the position Ria had fallen and then once Gohan had landed he shot a big stream of Ki straight at Ria....Smoke was produced.....When it had cleared only one was left standing, Gohan.
Gohan grinned as he new his power level was higher then Ria's, it always was...Gohan walked off slowly towards the next lowest power level which was also lower then his own, but not as much.


Once Gohan had arrived at the destination where the power level was last sensed to be he had a strange feeling....A person he knew could be here, but where...At that moment he heard a scream as he saw his EX- Friend being squashed in the palms of a Saiyan...Gohan quickly teleported behind them and poked two fingers into the Saiyans neck, temporarily paralyzing him and making his release his grip....Gohan lifted his EX- Friends up and laced him against a tree...Gohan quickly prepared for a fight-
"I know who you are..." Gohan said
"And that is?...."
"You are...Gish!" Gohan shouted!
"Yes that is correct, and if i am not mistaken you are Gohan...Son of the famous Goku!" Gish said
"Yeah, how do you know" Gohan asked
But before a reply was made Gish's elbow was in Gohans face...Gohan managed to hide the damage that Gish had done to him and he sent a Ki wave at him...It hit and seemed to be critical as Gish fell and disappeared Weird...He seemed easier then i thought Gohan says in his mind as he follows the next lowest power level.


Gohan had reached the next power level as he noticed it was his enemy....Danny!
Gohan didn't want to speak to him so he quickly sped up to him and punched him repeatedly in his stomach...Danny easily countered with a elbow to Gohan's spine, Gohan let out a Ki wave which was deflected as Danny kept on slapping Gohan...Messing about...Danny suddenly punched Gohan as his hand outlined in yellow he did a Ki punch! Gohan fell as he let out a burst of Ki...There was lots of smoke and when it had cleared it revealed them both standing...Both injured however slowly Gohan fell...Yet so did Danny....Gohan's eyes opened to see himself next to the final Saiyan...


Ruger...It was Ruger...Gohan and Ruger battled it out for hours and hours without end when Gohan sent out about 15 Ki blasts and Ruger sent out a deadly Pink Ki Beam they both clashed and Ruger's came out on top....The beam went straight through Gohan as he fell...Bu Ruger fell also Gohan screamed "AAAHHHH!" as a aura grew all round him then Ki surrounded the whole city...Gohans eyes slowly closed, when they opened he found himself lying on the ground in West City with Ruger and the other Saiayns nowhere to be found and the city was repaired!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Gohan Training - 7   Sat Nov 15, 2008 5:39 pm

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Gohan Training - 7
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