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 Gohan Training - 5

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PostSubject: Gohan Training - 5   Sat Nov 15, 2008 5:00 pm

Gohan awoke once more and made a milkshake with many fruits mixed into it..He drank it...He was tired and thought a 200 mile RUN would help him...It was going really slowly at first when Gohan suddenly speeded up by pushing his stomach in, moving his arms more and moving his legs faster....He ran and ran and ran and rand until finally he reached the destination he was waiting for....The mountains he thought he would have ago at knocking these 10 mountins down...He got up the old fashioned way, climbing it took a long time as the mountain was big and powerful but Gohan managed and he felt by tomorrow his arms would be bulging with muscles because of the climbimg which used a lot of arm force...Gohan eventually reached the top...The got ready to run across the 10 mountains that were joined together...He ran like a jolt of lightining.........all the way across the mountains he then jumped out like a jolt of lighting while sending a giant ki wave flying at all the mountains and landed on his feet on the plain grass he watched as the mountains exploded....Gohan picked up a power level...He folowed it until he noticed who it was...It was Danny, Ruger's seemed he was very strong by Gohans scouter.

This time Danny seemed stronger then Gohan...Gohan followed the power level to the bold man Danny standing all alone at the top of a hill. He turned to Gohan and suddenly charged at Gohan... Gohan just bounced his leg of Danny and sent about 20 Ki blasts his way he then ran in and hit his best Ki punch he then watched as Danny exploded...Or did he? .............Yes he did

Gohan noticed another power level much greater then danny's....A shadowy figure appeared infront of Gohan, It was Ruger....His power level was flying just past 10000, Ruger sent his elbow crashing into Gohan...Gohan fell to the ground while holding his stomach as blood squirted out of his mouth....Ruger then shot a couple Ki blasts which hit Gohans face nearly killing him...Ruger lifted Gohan up and repeatedly punched him they both then flew into the air as they had another fist and leg fight...Ruger prevailed as he sent Gohan flying towards the ground with a two handed hammer punch...He then flew up high and sent over 30+ Ki blasts crashing down on Gohan followed by a Giant Ki wave he then repeated the words "Special Double Laser Cannon" As two giant laser came upon Gohan and nearly ripped him in half...Gohans eyes slowly drifted to sleep.....Or was it death?....

Gohan awoke to see himself in bed...Was it a dream?.....
Gohan tried to stand up...His foot hurt...He grabbed his clock...His arm hurt....he had red stains on his shirt...Was it a dream or was it reality?!

I really think i should get good gains...I spent ages on this as i couldn't think of anything.
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PostSubject: Re: Gohan Training - 5   Sat Nov 15, 2008 5:37 pm

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Gohan Training - 5
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