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 Gohan Training - 2

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PostSubject: Gohan Training - 2   Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:57 pm

Gohan awoke to go get a nutritous glass of milk, he then went to the gym to do some training...Weightlifting...Gohan lifted a 4 pound dumbell up with ease....round 2.... Gohan lifted a 8 pound dumbell up, also with ease...Round 3... Gohan lifted a 16 pound dumbell up, it was still very easy for Gohans power...Round 4... Gohan lifted a 32 pound dumbell, it was getting a little harder yet it was still easy...Round 5... Gohan lifted a 64 pound dumbell It was quite hard and Gohans armed shaked a little...Round 6... Gohan lifted a 128 pound dumbell up, It was very hard, but Gohan managed....Round 7.... Gohan tried to lift it and managed but couldnt go further because it was DEADLY...
Gohan was tired after this but noticed a couple of saiyans out side, they were mugging some kids, Gohan ran out of the gym and started to fight.
"oi you!"-Gohan as he ran upto them
Gohan easily defeated one of them with a single KI blast however the others grabbed him, Gohan kicked his leg up to hit 1 of em and threw the other into him he watched as they struggled he then finished them with a single Ki Wave, suddenly his friend appeared and decided to sparr with him, Kugi prepared, Gohan prepared....
Gohan straight away went in for a kick but Kugi knew this move and easily dodged it, he then pulled out a sword "dont worry its plastic"-Kugi
Gohan ran and sweeped Kugi, Kugi fell, Gohan grabbed the sword a stuck it in the ground to prove he is a true champion, a SAIYAN CHAMPION!
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PostSubject: Re: Gohan Training - 2   Sat Nov 15, 2008 5:36 pm

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Gohan Training - 2
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