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 Goku... The Legend Begins! ( Story Train)

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PostSubject: Goku... The Legend Begins! ( Story Train)   Sat Nov 15, 2008 3:26 pm

Goku awoke one morning on his home planet Vegeta, he was given a task to test his strength by his buddy Prince Vegeta. Goku accepted the task as he always trys to find new ways to test himself... His task was to whipe out the most deadly demons on the Planet, the a-rank demons were by far the most incidious creatures to have ever scoured the planet! They were a personal fan of saiyan flesh, but this didn't scare Goku in the least, as he arrived in the demonic craters of Planet Vegeta he was greeted by 4 powerful looking demons! Goku lunged into action, all the demons lunged at him at once creating a blinding wave of punches and kicks! Despite there speed Goku dodged there attacks and began to launch his most powerful spinning top kicks right back at them! The kicks certainly were powerful as the demons were sent flying backwards and into some heavy rubble! The demons began to shout, " Kill the saiyan pest!" Suddenly, the ruler of the demons decended to Goku as he got into fighting stance... As Goku prepared for the assault that was sure to come he was pounded into the dirt by the insanely fast king! Goku could feel his ribs begin to crack under the immense power of the demon king, Goku shouted back at the demon, " Well it seems you have some skill! But, no matter I will not allow you to beat me!" Goku's saiyan pride caused his blood to burn, and his saiyan potential to be unleashed! Goku's techniques became crisp and even more powerful as he sent the demon king into a whirling bunch of kicks that left him gasping for air! He then gave him the hardest punch he could muster, which caused him to explode into a million pieces! The demon foot soldiers all came rushing for Goku as he began to chant, " Kaaaa-meeee-haaaa-meee-haaaaaaa!!!!!!!" The blast he fired was powerful as he swirled it around him creating an unavoidable attack! All the demons were completely overwhelmed... Vegeta felt the planet begin to quake as Goku released his dorment powers, this gave great pride to the prince has he continued to feel Goku's powers grow! The Prince proudly stated, " Hmm... he may be as good as me!" Goku returned to the palace triumphant as he waited on Vegeta to give him his next quest...

Finished Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Goku... The Legend Begins! ( Story Train)   Sat Nov 15, 2008 3:44 pm

300 plgain as well as monay and stats
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Goku... The Legend Begins! ( Story Train)
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